3D Services

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3D Scanning

Our rapid-response field crew uses the latest in 3D reality-capture LIDAR scanning technology, creating a “digital double” of your film set ready to flow quickly into your post-production pipeline. Even if you don’t plan on having computer graphics (CG) in your production, scanning your set can immortalize the location digitally and provide a safety net should any unexpected reconstruction or post-production arise.

3D Previsualization

Previsualizing your shots using 3D spatial data of the actual film location ensures complex scenes are coordinated with perfect synchronization and framing come production time.

3D Camera Match Moving

With camera match moving and object tracking, it’s easy to replace or add realistic computer graphics (CG) into a moving shot. We give the attention a shot needs to achieve super-accurate results for whatever your mind envisions.

3D Visual Effects

To a high level of precision and artistry, our 3D modelers and animators blend the real-scale accuracy of camera matched movement from your original footage with the compositing of stunning 3D visual effects (VFX) todays audiences crave.

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