“Seriously!?! Who left their Starbucks Latte in the middle of this otherwise perfect shot??? That’s OK, we’ll fix it in post.”

Turns out no one said that before the final season episode of Game of Thrones aired. But indeed, with camera matchmoving and object tracking, it’s easy to replace objects in a moving shot with some good old C to the G. While you’re at it… give your star some glowing war paint on his face! Oh, he’s a zombie… right, get rid of an eyeball then. You get the point… if it’s a set extension or superimposing some 3D awesomeness, you’ll need super-accurate camera matchmoving that doesn’t drift and we can do that for you.

Seriously though, our work literally gets judged by a jury. Oh yeah, and by the way we also have a field crew with the latest scanning equipment to document your set for post production. Pssst – that’s a crucial step for getting the attention to detail your VFX shots need. Wink wink.